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Written on:February 15, 2012
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To the historic Sool Sanaag Cayn Congress just wrapped up a month ago in Taleex City; Members of the Khaatumo 2 Organizing committee including the G-6, both G15’s and All the duly appointed Community tribal representatives and volunteers.

The Sool Sanaag and Cayn community have spoken; The long and forgotten people of SSC have given you their heartfelt and genuine support; During the year long grassroots trip by the Khaatumo G15 organizing committee in which you famously crisscrossed the SSC land, all of us were moved by the town elders and women who risked their lives to walk miles in the dark just to welcome you and receive you as you stepped off your first bus trip to Buuhoodle city.

The countless elders’ consultation circles in Widh-widh and Ceegaag, The faces of young girls and women dancing in boocame, The youth and elders who sat in circles on bake-ready dusty sand under the blazing sun of Dharkayn Geyo. The chasing of the convoys by the youth of Kala-baydh and Sah-dheer; The elders making duca’ as they put both of their hand up in search of a blessing from Allah; The record breaking, stadium filling crowds of young and old in Lasanod city as you struggled to find a microphone big and loud enough to reach all of them; The fashionable receptions you received in Adhi-caddeye, Yagoori and Xuddun; the critical conflict resolution sessions you held in many a town including Tuka-raq; among many other trips.

You have been the shoulder upon which the SSC natives laid their grievances as you have patiently listened and heard all the economic, political and social issues facing this community; You have weathered all the tribal politicking and tendencies of circular reasoning; You have shown leadership as you consulted, compromised and reconciled diverse viewpoints. You have lit the candle upon which future political campaigning in SSC will be modeled. Additionally, In the process, not only have you taught (some of us) the Geography and typography of our beloved SSC region but you have also created forums that displayed the finest in Somali poetry and prose.

You are a special group of modern Dervishes. You have left your comfortable lattes and burgers at Macdonalds in the West in exchange for unbearable heat and night-trekking in dark jungle towns and villages in SSC. Your (volunteer) task: to help organize a Grand Conference that will be a forum for ALL members of Sool Sanaag and Cayn to meet and discuss their future destiny; You have helped to channel the collective imagination of SSC towards a unified goal; igniting a political awakening, a cultural renaisance and re-newed sense of purpose and direction. Despite all the odds, you have met your deadline of convening Khaatumo 2 in the region within a year from Khaatumo 1. as per NSUM vision.

Today, as we celebrate Day 3 of the Conference, The stakes could never be higher; We hope and pray that you will be strengthened and joined soon by ALL of your brothers and sisters (SSC) whose pioneering bravery and legacy is not only treasured but is also crucial to complete the Sool Sanaag and Cayn narrative.
to be continued….

Untill then; see you in 2012 at the Darwiish State Legislature!


Khaatumo Song

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