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Sheffield’s Reckless Decision against Somalia

Written on:April 22, 2014
Sheffield’s Reckless Decision against Somalia

Somaliland Arrests three Khatumo Journalists in Lasanod. by: A.Hindi

Written on:April 21, 2014
Sland justice exposed.001

The British Government invites Khatumo State of Somalia in Historic Mogadishu meeting

Written on:April 20, 2014
khaatumo- stare

Khatumo State Appeals to UN Envoy, AMISOM and IGAD to Stop Siilaanyo’s Aggression

Written on:April 19, 2014

Western and China in New Cold War over Somali’s Oil Rich Regions in Northern Somalia’s tribal Secessionists (Somaliland) Aggressions to Khatumo State Regions Using UK Military Aid? …It’s the Oil, Stupid…

Written on:April 19, 2014

Press Release : Somaliland Aggression

Written on:April 15, 2014
Sland justice exposed.001

The boys of Kalshaale celebrate the historic landing of first airplane in Buhodle City. By A.Hindi

Written on:April 10, 2014

Lady Khatumo Wins the final “Battle of the Balls” By: A. Hindi

Written on:April 6, 2014

Somalia Became “Land of Poison”, by Haboon H.Abdi.

Written on:April 2, 2014

Hello SSC: A leaner but bolder Khatumo Train set to arrive in the spring of 2014

Written on:March 24, 2014
KH 3 Train Image.001