Khatumo Oil-lamp: Somalia’s last hope for a brighter day

Written on:April 11, 2015
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KH Lamp 2015.002

LASANOD: Khatumo’s Permanent Capital city demonstrates its true Color as thousand take it to the streets in support of Somali Union

Written on:March 9, 2015

Hundreds of Khatumo residents came out to show their solidarity with the Somali Federal Government’s stance on protecting the Unity of all Somalia communities.


New Products: Somalia in Crisis: Famine, Counterterrorism, and Humanitarian Aid

Written on:February 24, 2015

In the fall of 2014, the Harvard Law School Program on International Law and Armed Conflict (PILAC) offered prototypes of two case studies under the thematic umbrella ofSomalia in Crisis: Famine, Counterterrorism, and Humanitarian Aid. The first case study focuses on an NGO General Counsel simulation, and the second centers on a National Security Council simulation. Both simulations entail a nuanced fact pattern based on the humanitarian crisis of the…


Loss of Abdifatah Khalif Badiye and Mohamed M. Duale to the Mayhem that is Mogadishu

Written on:February 20, 2015

Reports are slowly emerging, as Friday prayers came to and end today confirming the number of people who succumbed to the deadly blast that rocked Mogadishu’s Central to be more than 10; Quite a contrast to the principals claimed by their perpetrators. Among the dead today (May God Bless their Soul) were a couple of good friends of mine who left Ontario Canada to serve their native country Somalia. view full post »


Khatumo Community of Toronto Celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Khatumo Administration

Written on:February 12, 2015

Press Release: Second Anniversary of Khatumo State of Somalia. January 12, 2014 marks the third anniversary of the creation of Khatumo State of Somalia. Is Khatumo State’s three years of existence and the freedom of the SSC people truly a cause for celebration? This question shall be debated by the real sons and daughters of Khatumo State of Somalia and not the enemies and the traitors, as we reflect on the three…


Joint Press Release appealing for all armed forces to withdraw from Saaxdheer, Sool Region

Written on:February 10, 2015
UN Khatumo Sahdheer.001

U.S. Special Representative for Somalia, UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, and EU Ambassador to Somalia Appeal for All Armed Forces to Withdraw from Saaxdheer, Sool Region 29 August 2014 – United States Representative for Somalia James P. McAnulty, UN Special Representative for Somalia Nicholas Kay and European Union Ambassador Michele Cervone d’Urso express profound concern about the deployment of armed forces and the resultant conflict within Saaxdheer,…