SSC Community of TORONTO Celebrate 4th Anniversary of Khatumo Administration

Written on:January 11, 2016
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IMG_0539On a favourably winter evening on January 9th, 2016, a large crowd gathered in the Grand Ballroom of Sheraton Hotel, Toronto, Canada for a historic day. Folks from Toronto’s diverse Somali Community filled the majestically beautiful venues expressing their support of the Somali Union; giving speeches, poetry, modern and folk dance in full display. Several Hundreds were on hand to celebrate Khatumo State’s 4th anniversary. Along with Khatumo’s Former Minister of Social Services Farah Adde Farah, representatives from the Canadian Government and business and community leaders voiced their support to Khatumo.  SSC Community in Toronto hosted the event, which was organized in conjunction with Khatumo Relief Network which is dedicated to supporting development efforts in Khatumo State. The formal part of the event featured several keynote speakers. Each contributed a great deal of history and insight as to how Khatumo has evolved and appreciated by all Somalis around the world.  Additionally, Khatumo Youth groups spoke about the need for Somali Youth to get involved and support positive developments in Somalia; importance of education among Khatumo youth as a mechanism to alleviate poverty and hopelessness.

DNO company must stop Mining Work in Northern Somalia

Written on:January 11, 2016

It is unfortunate and illegal to carry out unauthorized mining work in volatile region of Somalia without permission of central government and local people . Such illegal activities will result armed conflict and displacement of rural inhabitants of that affected areas. UN monitoring group on Somalia has repeatedly warned unregulated mining and oil exploration will result armed conflict in Somalia and must be avoided by the international companies and governments….


Puntland’s butchery in the belly of Sool Region ! (Khatumo Press Release)

Written on:September 26, 2015

(Press Release): At approximately 5:30 a.m, on the morning of Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015, as people around the Muslim world peacefully prepared for the annual festival of Eidul-Adhha, residents from the small town of Qoriley in Northern Somalia awoke to the sounds of gunfire and heavy artillery. Reports confirm that at least 16 Khatumo civilians have been killed and dozens more injured in what appears to be state sponsored terror by the military forces of Puntland….


Somalia Lawmakers Lodge Vote of No Confidence in President

Written on:August 13, 2015
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More than 90 lawmakers in Somalia lodged a vote of no confidence in President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, accusing him of violating the constitution, two members of parliament said. A motion has been lodged with the office of the parliamentary speaker and needs a Supreme Court ruling on its legality before it can be discussed in the assembly, Abdiweli Mohamed Qanyare, a lawmaker, said by phone. view full post »


International partners look forward to further political progress following the High-Level Partnership Forum.

Written on:August 8, 2015

Mogadishu, 3 August 2015 –  The United Nations, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the European Union (EU), African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the United States of America and the United Kingdom welcome the commitments made at the High-Level Partnership Forum (HLPF) in Mogadishu. Thirty-two delegations attended this landmark event, making it the largest international conference to take place in Somalia in decades. view full post »


New UK Ambassador acknowledges Khatumo State’s rightful place in Somalia

Written on:July 22, 2015
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In a recent interview with Somali Universal TV, the new British Ambassador to Somalia, Harriet Mathews has acknowledged Khatumo State’s rightful place in the local State formation plans currently underway in the country. The following is an excerpt from the interview:   Universal TV: There are people who live in that region who do not want to be independent. They need to have a voice. Those people [ Khatumo] often accuse Somaliland of being oppressive, for…


Khatumo Soccer team advances to the final round of Toronto’s Somali Youth Soccer Championships

Written on:July 4, 2015

In a cool summer breeze afternoon in Toronto’s North Etobicoke neighbourhood, Khatumo youth Soccer team displayed their football skills overpowering their opponents in the semifinals of the annual Toronto Somali Youth Soccer Championships. Hundreds of Somali Community fans gather every summer in various local stadiums to cheer for their local teams. “It is a special historic feeling for me to be here this afternoon” said Abdighani Robeye, “Khatumo Community in Toronto can…