Puntland’s Sham Showdown at Tukaraq: Winners and Losers

February 20, 2018 A. Hindi 0

The ruling clans of Puntland and Somaliland are having what appears to be an orchestrated final showdown at Tukaraq, in Sool region. This was until recently a place in Sool where Puntland put up illegally a customs outpost but now captured by Somaliland’s SSC (Sool, Sanaag and Cayn) occupying forces. Neither party has any business to be in these regions which, like their enclaves, belong to its people.

Aarka Hargaisa v. Atoorka Mogadishu

February 19, 2018 A. Hindi 0

Colonel Muse Bihi was crowned on December 13th as president in Hargeisa (or crowned himself, depending on how one sees the legitimacy of the election that brought him to power). On such occasions, comparisons are inevitable, first with his predecessor, Siilaanyo, and secondly with Farmaajo, the man in Mogadishu who claims to be his boss. When it comes to chutzpah and persona, the colonel is indisputably a towering figure dwarfing both the other two.

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Khatumo Article Archives

February 10, 2017 A. Hindi 0

With news of Haglo’s departure from SSC region, the Monsoon rains chose to respond by roaring and pouring onto the Khatumo built roads of Buhodle; quite […]